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Why is the Holy Ghost vital in the life of the Believer?   Some people may think He is the least important person of the Trinity, but on the contrary, He is the power and fire of God for the Believer.  Fire is often viewed as an all consuming destructive force, but fire can also be used as a purifier and light.  John the Baptist declared that Jesus would baptize His people with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.  This Holy Ghost fire comes not to destroy us, but to purify us, so that we may be set apart unto holiness, for God’s use.  This fire is an all-consuming fire and should not be quenched, but allowed to have its way.  Sometimes the fire of the Holy Ghost is felt as a warm heaviness which comes to convict us of sin, but at other times, the warmth of the Fire brings us the comfort of God’s presence.

In addition to purifying us, the fire of the Holy Ghost also comes to light our path so that we can move in the direction of our destiny.  This light removes the scales from our eyes so that we no longer live in darkness, ignorant of the ways and will of God.  Once enlightened by the fire of the Holy Ghost, we are able to experience the power of God that propels us in the direction of prosperity for our lives – prosperity that allows everything to flourish by which our hands touch.  We must not, therefore, minimize the power of the Holy Ghost.  It is the energy and fire of God that transforms our lives and propels us toward our destiny!

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