Entrepreneurial Empowerment Session

Entrepreneurial Empowerment Session

time 11:00 AM

September 30, 2017

All are welcome to join us for our Entrepreneurial Session

Saturday, September 30th @11:00am – 2:00pm

Rutgers School of Business (RSB) – 100 Rockerfeller Avenue – Room 1144

Registration is required for this FREE Event.  Click here to register today!

PARKING:  There is a football game on Saturday night. If you arrive by  11 AM there should not be a problem parking near the Rutgers Business School. Do not pay for parking.  If asked, let them know you are going to an entrepreneurship event from 11 to 2 PM at Rutgers Business School.
Please Note: Since there is some new construction going on, there is a new gravel parking lot near Beck Hall just next to the Rutgers Business School.