The Abundant Life Family Worship Church was established in February of 1991 and has become a place of inspiration and spiritual revitalization for many people in New Brunswick and surrounding communities.

Elegant smiling man standing in the streetBishop George and Lady Mary Searight, the founders of this ministry, along with 35 congregants committed themselves to the task of renovating and transforming the city’s former unemployment office located on Morris Street, into a place of prayer and worship. During the subsequent years, the church would demonstrate its commitment to serve the people in the New Brunswick community through the creation of partnerships with both community and private organizations such as the Police Department, Housing Authority Department, and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center.  The church would come to be recognized as an asset to the community and a viable source by which real concerns could be channeled.

In 1992, the church became the recipient of the Annual New Brunswick Police Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service.  A letter from Mayor Jim Cahill would follow stating “ I am proud and honored to have the Abundant Life Family Worship Church in our city and I am committed to its long and fruitful life in New Brunswick.”

As the church moved into its third year, Bishop Searight began negotiations to acquire a 50,000 square feet facility, formerly a car dealership, located on 1.6 acres of land at 259 George Street.  So once again, with a spirit of commitment and cooperation, the members of the church began the laborious task of renovating and transforming a vacant building into a House of Worship.

On March 6, 1993 with banners waving and praises ringing in the air, the members marched from their former Morris Street location into their new church home on George Street.  Now in a much larger facility, the church began to spread its wings and tremendous growth would result.  By 1995, the church membership had exceeded 700 congregants and the opportunity for members to get involved in ministries and outreach programs increased.  The church offered over 30 different ministries and programs available for members’ involvement.  In the years to follow, two premiere ministries would take center stage in order to propel the church forward.

The first would be P.C.D.C. (People’s Community Development Corporation), a faith based organization designed to assist in the economic welfare and development of the community.  The latter would be VisionQuest, the planning council designed to manage and oversee the   significant renovations of the church.

In recent years, the Abundant Life Family Worship Church has undergone significant transformations in both its outer and inner appearances.  Through the long-term financial commitment of its members, the church was able to do extraordinary renovations and acquire additional property without the aid of a financial lender.  Now with a beautiful royal blue interior, a modern brick face exterior, and a reservoir of talent and resources at its hand, the church sits in a pivotal position to be a powerful voice and godly force in the City of New Brunswick.

In 2013, the Abundant Life Family Worship Church celebrated 22 years of feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, providing shelter to the lost, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, and bringing hope to those in bondage.  The reward has been a tremendous outpouring of God’s spirit and blessing in the abundance upon his people.  This is evident in the membership which currently exceeds 3,000 on roll and continues to grow as the church becomes more diverse.  The success of the Abundant Life Family Worship Church must first be attributed to the visionary leadership of Bishop George Searight and his courage to forsake all and follow God’s plan for his life.  Visionary leadership is one of the basic foundations from which successful churches are built, for without a vision the people perish. Furthermore, it has been the tireless commitment and support of the church leadership and members who have embraced this leader and vision as their own and who have said, “Yes, Lord, Let thy will be done.”  But nonetheless, when all has been said and done, it has and will always be the FAVOR of God that has brought us this far and that will continue to lead us on.