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Have you ever tried to drive a car while looking in the rear view window?  If you have, I’m sure it was only for a few seconds, or else you probably wouldn’t be here to read this post.  Well just like your driving progress would be hindered if you kept your eyes in the rear view mirror for  too long, your life’s journey is hindered when you spend too much time thinking about the failures and disappointments of your past.  More important than rehearsing these scenes over and over again individually, is the fact that, collectively, these scenes contribute to the process by which God is preparing you for your destiny.  Although you may have experienced pain, and disappointment in your past, your past does not determine your destiny.  Rather, as Pastor Van Moody has shared with us, you must let go of your past to embrace your future.  If we can only change our perspective about our circumstances, we will come to realize that God uses our worst circumstances to do His best work in us, for us.  And let’s face it … before God does a work through us, He first has to do something in us so we will be thoroughly prepared for the task ahead of us.

Therefore, let us move forward in this season of our life, confident that God is using every hurtful situation and negative person in our lives as the wind beneath our wings to propel us into our destiny.  God has not forgotten you, so submit to the process that God is taking you through no matter how painful it might be.  In the end, you will be all the better for it!

Bishop George and Pastor Mary Searight