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            In gardening, one of the most important things to consider after you’ve identified what you’re going to plant, is the condition of the soil in which you’re planting the seeds.  The seeds are not the issue – once planted and cared for properly, they will produce.  So it is in the Kingdom.  The Sower, who is God, and the Seed, which is the Word of God are the same, based on John 1:1.   The only thing left in the gardening of the Kingdom is the soil, which is you and I.  Several scriptures teach us that there’s nothing wrong with Kingdom seed.  It will produce what it was set out to produce, based on Acts 19:20 and Isaiah 55:11, to name a few.  That Seed has been placed within each of us so that we would be productive and be an expression of who God is.  It is designed to accomplish that which pleases the Lord and not return void – absent of the effect for which it was intended.

Therefore, if we find ourselves in what seems like an unproductive season of our lives, rest assured it’s not the Sower or the Seed, it’s us – the soil.  We must pray and cultivate the soil of our mind and heart to create optimal “planting” conditions for the Seed.  For when it properly takes root, that Seed has the power to change any condition in which we find ourselves.  Today, declare to yourself, “I am good ground for the Word of God!”  This is your season to be productive.  So turn over some new ground and start cultivating your soil!

Bishop George and Pastor Mary Searight