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To say the least, the past 48 hours have been quite grueling. We have witnessed two more Black men die from police fire, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. It is utterly heart-wrenching!  To see these tragic, unnecessary and totally avoidable scenes playing out over and over on TV and via social media has left most of us, if not all, angered, saddened, and questioning, “When will it stop? What must be done to end the madness?”

We here at ALFWC mourn with the Sterling & Castile families. The lives of their precious loved ones mattered to God and they matter to us. We earnestly pray for these families. We ask the Father to fortify their minds and hearts with supernatural comfort and a peace that surpasses understanding.  We also speak out against injustice. We call for an end to the dangerous, damaging perceptions held about people of color that have all too often resulted in inequitable police treatment.  We pray that our Father would transform our anger into righteous indignation and direct us into meaningful & practical courses of action we can take to address inequity and injustice. Lastly, we pray against hopelessness, despair, cynicism, and depression & for greater trust, hope and refuge in God.


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July 31, 2016 8:00 AM

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