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Weapons of Our Warfare

Nothing can be more frustrating in the heat of battle than to realize your enemy is not the least bit phased by the weapons of your warfare, and can even access the same ones you do!

            For the Believer, prayer, faith, and praise are weapons of our warfare that are not carnal, but are extremely effective against the strongholds that satan would erect to keep us bound in sin and defeat.  On the other hand, the Word of God states that demons believe in God, and even tremble!  We know that satan was originally a worshipper– so our praise will have a temporary effect.  Prayer is also not unfamiliar to him, as we read in scriptures like Job 1:9 that satan, himself, conversed with and “answered the Lord”.  So how can we, children of the most high God, actually defeat the enemy of our soul when he seems to be able to use the same weapons that we have at our disposal?

To be clear, faith, prayer, and praise are vitally important to a Christian’s well-being, and satan can never get the same effect with those weapons like Kingdom citizens.   And yes, knowing the Word of God is crucial, for even Jesus used it to make satan flee.  Yet, glory be to God! It was the fact that Jesus “carried His obedience to the extreme of death, even the death of the cross”(Philippians  2:8b AMP) that gave us the ultimate victory over sin, hell, and the grave!

Always remember that satan can’t do anything with an obedient child of God!  It is our obedience that leads to right standing with God (Romans 6:16b), and for satan, obedience is the most lethal weapon of our warfare!!


Stepping Out of Darkness

March 31, 2015 7:30 PM

Stepping Out of Darkness is our Drug & Alcohol Ministry, which addresses the problem of alcohol, drug abuse and other addictions in our community. This is a Christ centered drug and alcohol deliverance ministry designed to assist in the addiction recovery process.

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