Welcome to Abundant Life Family Worship Church

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As we find ourselves settling into the middle of the year, it is important that we keep inventory of where we are in God. In such a time and season of transition, we must continually be mindful of our position in the earth and our standing with God. As believers, we must remain aware of our dependency on God. We ourselves are incapable to keeping ourselves from that which would bind us, for we are sin-natured. However, our hope is built on the fact that God is with us even during times of temptation and weakness. Even when we mess up, we are still “the righteousness of God” (2 Cor. 5:21).

In order to maintain this righteousness, we must allow God to be in full control of our lives. This means complete commitment to Christ. Jesus is the answer to our sin problem. If God is in control of our lives, no matter what may be happening, we still remain under control. Even in the midst of chaotic situations and circumstances, saying what God declares about us in His Word helps us to stay focused on His power and might to save us from and through anything. We must examine our hearts and surrender our control to the will of the Father. When we relinquish our stubbornness, our struggles with the flesh lessen and we are able to walk in greater victory.

Bishop George and Pastor Mary Searight