Welcome to Abundant Life Family Worship Church

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You came from Heaven to Earth to show the way

From the Earth to the cross – my debt to pay

From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky

Lord I lift your name on high!

             These song lyrics are not just the words of a popular Christian song that we may undoubtedly hear during this Resurrection season, but they summarize the greatest rescue mission known to man.  Jesus’ birth brought hope to all mankind – hope for peace, hope for true life, hope for a relationship with God.  And after only a few years of ministry, His triumphal entry into Jerusalem led Him to the cross of unthinkable pain and sorrow.  The price Jesus paid for our sins on Calvary saved us from eternal separation from God, and with every painful stripe we were and are healed from every form of sickness in every area of our life.  Jesus left that grave with ALL power in His hands, and now that amazing resurrection power is available to everyone who will call on the name of Jesus!

            He is our Savior, our Champion, our Redeemer, our soon coming King!  “Who is this King of glory?  The Lord strong and mighty… He IS the King of glory!” (Ps. 24:8a,10)

 He’s not dead, saints!  He’s yet alive and because He lives we too can have abundant life!  Let us not miss His visitation with us, not just during this holy season, but in every day and every experience that we have.

Bishop & Pastor Mary