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Summertime is upon us, and we all want to be at the right weight.   If, however, you find that your weight isn’t the best it can be, you will probably reassess some things in your life in order to deal with your weight problem, as you see it. Instead of a weight problem, what if you’re biggest challenge in your life is a wait problem?  Waiting on the Lord can be difficult at times, so a few key ideas can help us be successful in waiting on the Lord.

First, we have to be careful about what we’re feeding on.  When in a waiting season, only the Word of God, rather than spiritual junk food, can sustain you during the wait and keep you from losing heart.  Secondly, we have to exercise our faith.  If, during the wait, what we see is not what God said, then we have to believe that what we see is not the end, and the wait must continue.  Lastly, no weight loss show would be complete without the “big reveal”.  So it is when we wait on the Lord. Through our experiences, God reveals more of Himself to us.  In fact, it’s in the “big reveal” that we see that the suffering we might have endured during the wait is overshadowed by the glory revealed in the results.  It may even be that our greatest tragedy becomes our greatest testimony.  So if you’re in a season of wait, let’s make sure that we’re waiting on God without developing a wait problem in the process.


Stepping Out of Darkness

June 28, 2016 7:30 PM

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