Welcome to Abundant Life Family Worship Church

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There’s something majestic about a change of season.  And this season of summer, we are embracing Gods beauty of vibrant sunlight, the echoing sounds and creative artistry of nature.   We pray that you are experiencing a fun, exciting and relaxing summer season with family and friends; coupled with healthy physical activities adorned with continuous spiritual growth.

 This month, as a body of Christ, our theme is “Focus On The Family.”    We live in a world filled with pain, with imperfections and scars.  Our families need to be healed and restored.  Our families must go back to basics with the essentials of life—we need, we love, we touch, we give!  Family a place of provision.  The spawning of excellence.  And as the old hymn says, “safe and secure from all alarms.”

 With positive growth in both our natural families and spiritual family within the body of Christ; this will ultimately open us for an awesome avenue of expressing our affection towards one another void of any negativity.

 Come, let us take this journey together and enhance our family!

Bishop George and Pastor Mary Searight